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Rapeseed meal is a byproduct of the extraction of oil from Rapeseed. It is a protein rich ingredient that is widely used to feed all classes of livestock.

Physical Specification
COLOUR : Light brown to dark brown
TASTE : Bland and beany taste
ODOUR : Fresh, Typical of the product
TEXTURE : Homogenous, free from extraneous matter, artificial coloring and flavouring hazards.
BULK DENSITY : 0.65-0.85gm / CC
Typical Analysis
PROTEIN : Min 34% (DRY Basis)
FAT : Min 8%
MOISTURE : Max 10%
FIBER : Max 7%
GMO : Negative (Less than 01 PCR Test)
PESTICIDE : Less than detection limit (Less than 10 PPM)

Packaging: 1MT Tote Bag / 20MT bulk container liner.

Shelf Life: 24 months under proper storage conditions.

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