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The Full Fat Soya Grits is made from clean, sound and healthy Non GMO Organics Soya beans selected from Central India, largest Non GMO Soyabean growing belt in India. In this process soyabeans are first cleaned, sorted using Buhler Machines based on Swiss technology. After cleaning, The Soyabeans are dehulled, cracked and grinded to form a high quality full fat Soya Grits of the right texture and size to suit the needs of particular industry.

Shri Sumati’s Full Fat Soya Grits is the concentrated source of nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamin and minerals and raw material for the Non Diary and TOFU Industry. Soya Grits are ideal for making Soya Milk, Soya TOFU, Non Dairy Beverages and in various bakery applications. Soya Grits are also ingredient in animal food formulations due to their high protein and energy content. We also have a possibility to offer “Organic Full Fat Soya Grits” for companies desiring to produce or already producing Organic Soya Milk, Organic Soya TOFU, and other organic plant based bakery and food applications.

Full Fat Soya Grits are also a valuable ingredient in animal foods formulations due to their high protein and energy content. When used correctly and in conjunction with other appropriate feed ingredients, they can contribute to the growth and well being of livestock, poultry and aquaculture species. Proper formulation and quality control are essential to maximize their benefits in animal nutrition.

Our Full Fat Soya Grits is processed in hygienic environment as per food safety guidelines it is high protein, high oil and high NSI Product.

We can supply you on your required quality parameters as well.

Quality Specifications
PROTEIN : Min 38-40%
FAT : Min 18-20%
FIBRE : Max 3-5%
MOISTURE : Max 7-9%

Packaging Details: Packaging is in 20kg / 25kg Paper & HDPE Bags.

Shelf Life:  Can be stored for a period of 6 months from date of manufacture.

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