Shri Sumati Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Our industry is a powerhouse in the realm of food and feed products, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to bring you a delectable array of offerings. From the golden elixir of oils to the hearty crunch of grits, the nourishing seeds, and a symphony of meals, we blend tradition with modernity to serve you the very best. Join us on a journey where technology and taste intertwine to create an experience that delights the senses and satisfies the appetite.

Sortex Unit

We have invested in high end technology from Buhler London to sort the agriculture produce and provide the best quality of material to the suppliers.

Soyabean Meal Unit

Raw Materials are transported from farms to our indigenous environmental friendly certified processing unit. The soyabean are first checked by quality control department and gives process lot number for traceability, thereafter material passes through fine cleaner, destoner, gravity and magnet separator to remove unwanted admixtures. Now soyabean meal process begins with the help of cracker that can be easily extruded in extruder that uniquely controls the urease activity without losing the nutrition values. Our quality control manager closely checks the respective parameters to maintain the digestive values of soybean meal.

After extrusion the material is passed through expellers where the oil is extracted and gives us soyabean cake, which is further broken by our hammer/grinder to creats uniform particle size soyabean meal. The material must be cool enough to be stuffed in containers or warehouse for future export. This above process is fully automatic without human intervention. This meal has very high nutrient content as compared to the Solvent Soyabean Meal.

Seed Processing

With the high volumes of seeds that we procure from farmers, we have invested in technologically advanced lines for seed cleaning, blending and packaging. We have specially assigned experts to supervise the entire processing right from seed-collection, processing, packaging to final shipment. We strictly manage the product quality from the appearance of moisture and colors, to the control of allergen materials and non GMO management. We have quality control officers to keep the storage conditions regularly checked and record any quality issues, which are addressed and treated with the highest priority.

Full Fat Soyabean Grits

Our new operation is producing Full Fat Soyabean Grits where Soyabeans are first cleaned through various stages in our state of the art Buhler Cleaning Plant based on Swiss Technology where soyabeans are conditioned, de-stoned, de-hulled, cracked and grinded to make high quality Full Fat Soya Grits of the right texture and particle size to suit the particular industry. Our Full Fat Soya grits are a concentrated source of nutrients, including protein, fiber, vitamin and minerals and raw material for the Non Dairy and Tofu industry.