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Organic Maize Seeds  []

Product Code : 102

Product Description:

Harvesting Season  :October – January
Packaging   :PP BAG packing with 25kg/50kg net.
Container Load  :  20-21MT in 20FT Container.
Physical Parameters-:
Purity  :  Minimum 99%
Protein  :  Minimum 9%
Fat   :  Minimum 4%
Moisture   :  Maximum14%
More Description-:

Maize, commonly known as Yellow Corn, is widely cultivated throughout the world. The US is the largest Producer of Yellow Corn. Other leading countries include China, Brazil, Mexico and India We offer the Organic Maize Seeds, which produces Maize that has a wide variety of uses that ranges from both human to industrial. Also, the Organic Maize Seeds are used as a livestock, forage or silage for animals.

Humans eat Maize or Corn in the form of popcorn, porridge, beverage, etc. In terms of industrial usage, these Organic Maize Seeds are used in the transformation of plastics and fabrics. Ethanol, produced from Maize, is being used as an additive in gas to prevent pollution levels and reduce the use of petroleum. Maize is a main source of starch, and is used for making food starch and industrial starch. Maize is widely used in Germany as a feedstock for biogas plants. We are a credible Manufacturer and Exporter of Organic Maize Seeds from Indore- Madhya Pradesh.