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Organic Soybean Seeds []

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Product Description:

Physical Parameters-:
Purity:Minimum 99%
Protein:Minimum 35 - 38%
Fat:Minimum 16 - 18%
Moisture:Maximum 10%
More Description-:

Soybean (Glycine Max) is an important vegetable oilseed crop. These Organic Soybean Seeds have a wide range of uses, including Geographical Adaptation, Unique Chemical Composition, High Nutritional Value, Functional Health Benefits and Versatile End Uses. The Soybean has become an important agricultural commodity: Argentina is the biggest Exporter followed by Brazil, United States, China and India. Madhya Pradesh State contributes about 67% and 56% production of soybean in India, and is declared as a 'Soya state'. Soybean is a preeminent for its High Protein (38-45%) and the High Oil Content (20%). Organic Soybean Seeds are processed into soy meal, soy flour and soy oil. Soybean Products do appear in a large variety of processed foods. Soy protein is relatively heat-stable storage protein, enabling Soy Food Products to have high temperature cooking, such as tofu,replicas de relojes soymilk and textured vegetable protein (Soy flour).